Store Policies

Please read through the policies if you have any questions about orders! Still need help? If you have any additional questions, please send us an email. Email:

Return & Exchange Policy 

We ask that you please be certain about your purchase before buying when you shop at Barely Scary. Our website lists measurements and details about items to ensure you know what you'll receive before it arrives in the mail. 

We currently do not accept returns or exchanges. Please remember that Barely Scary is a small business (run by 1 person)! This is why we kindly ask that you please be certain about making your purchase before you buy. Our no-return policy is how we ensure that our prices stay low & accessible to everyone!

If your order arrives damaged, with missing items or with defects, please send us an email with a picture and your order number!


Pre-orders help us fund the production of items, and as a thank you, you get it at a discounted price. We do not accept returns or exchanges on any pre-order items.  

Pre-orders may take up to 10 weeks to arrive (though it often may arrive much sooner!) If you have any questions about your pre-order, feel free to send us an email asking about its status.

If a pre-order item arrives with any issues (noticeable defects, missing items, etc.) please contact us ASAP via email.

Orders that contain a pre-order item will ship once all items within the order are available for shipment. If you pre-order an in-stock, ready to ship item along with a pre-orer item, the entire order will ship once your pre-order item has arrived and is ready for shipment! If you want your in-stock items sooner, please check out with them separately.

 Enamel Pins 

All enamel pins are sold as "Standard Grade" - this means it's possible to have very small defects in them! If you're a collector who would like a collector's grade pin free of any defects, please just use our Contact Form and reach out with your order number requesting a collector's grade pin! We are happy to provide completely perfect pins upon request!

Check out our Pin Grading Scale below for more info. 

Enamel Pin "Grading" Scale for Quality

Collector's Grade: Free of imperfections! Available upon request. There is no price increase for a collector's grade item. Limited to availability.

Standard Grade: Small imperfections may be present, but aren't always present. These may include (but are not limited to) minor air bubbles, minor imperfections in glitter, minor smudging. These imperfections are minor and not overly obvious. Sold at standard price!

B-Grade: Includes imperfections that may be obvious! These include all the defects that may be present in standard grade pins, however these are typically not minor and may be more obvious upon viewing the item. B-Grade items will always be marked as such in the listing and will be sold at a reduced price

Seconds Grade: These pins have sweeping imperfections such as misplaced enamel, large scratches, etc. (They may have been colored incorrectly during production, or have some other production defect. Sold at a discounted price.)


All orders are shipped through USPS first class! I currently ship orders out 3 times a week.

Shipping time estimates:


3-8 business days (Mon - Fri)

International (outside U.S):

10- 30 business days (Mon - Fri) after the package has left the country

Due to USPS changes, packages now arrive at a partner facility before they are shipped overseas.  This will appear on your tracking page as: Arrived at Shipping Partner Facility. This means the package has not left the country yet. 

Order did not arrive / Marked as Delivered:

Send me an email with your order number and I can look into your situation. If the item is marked as delivered and it hasn't arrived yet, contact me about a lost package after the package has taken the maximum amount of time to arrive. (That is 7 business days for domestic U.S. orders, and 30 business days for international orders.)

Due to popular scams, I do not resend or refund orders that are marked as delivered. If your order has been marked as delivered, but you're afraid it got delivered to the wrong address or has been stolen, please contact USPS about the situation. Open a claim with USPS because they can help track down your package (I cannot!)

Waiting for your order:

Please only contact me about a lost package after the package has taken the maximum amount of time to arrive. (That is 7 business days for domestic U.S. orders, and 30 business days for international orders.) Please reference the "Order did not arrive" section if your order has been marked as delivered but you're still waiting for it.

Returned Packages: 

If your package is returned to us for any reason, you must contact Barely Scary to have it sent out again. We understand that accidents can happen, and will resend it to you one time free of charge as a courtesy! Some reasons that packages may get returned to the sender are: an incorrect or invalid address put in at checkout, unpaid customs fees, etc.  

Postal Strike or Other Circumstance:

If there is a postal strike, public health issue, or any other extenuating circumstances that may cause postal delays outside of our jurisdiction shipping times may increase! Please check with your local post to make sure all shipping services are still operating under normal wait times if your order is taking longer than expected to arrive.